Improving the user experience in commercial buildings by installing intelligent, connected hardware and software solutions

Based on a need shared by all companies – finding a free meeting room at a given time – Kardham Digital has worked with its customers to build a comprehensive offering to improve the experience of employees, managers and managers of commercial buildings.


Smart Workplace


Our approach to developing offers for our customers is based on a combination of qualification assignments, feedback from our Workplace Change teams, data analysis and exploitation services, and our role in defining future Digital Workplace standards.

The backbone of Kardham Digital’s Smart Workplace offering underpins everything we do, and is firmly established and asserted:

  • User experience is the foundation
  • Reliable data is the key
  • Listening to differences is the driving force


Our projects are organised around 6 work timeframes in hybrid conditions :

  1. The declaration of employees’ presence on site and teleworking and, at the same time, the organisation of teams’ intentions by managers for daily flow management.
  2. Measuring the actual use of sites by exploiting the data already produced (HRIS, access control, BMS, BOS, lockers, car parks, restaurants, etc.) via ad hoc connectors and statistical reports for decision-making purposes. Secondly, the implementation of solutions for measuring the quantity and quality of occupancy via iOT sensor objects with a measurement granularity adapted to the building and its challenges.
  3. The enrichment of occupancy data by applying life scenarios to the values in order to produce a result that takes into account the rules of the workspaces and the behaviour of the human animal.
  4. The main aim is to transform technical data – “a sensor signals presence” – into usage data – “the workstation is occupied for 2 hours”.
    Real-time signage, making it easier for employees to find their way around the site, connected to occupancy and booking data.
    Kardham Digital offers a comprehensive range of hardware and software solutions to suit every situation: connected luminaires, touch screens with photorealistic 3D maps and service applications.
  5. Analysis of intentional and actual behavioural data, based on values enriched with lifestyle rules and behavioural patterns, cross-referencing data to generate meaning.
    Since 2022, Kardham Digital has welcomed a PhD student in data science to its teams, so that it can provide its customers with expert support.
  6. Support for operations and continuous improvement round off these timeframes, with our consultants taking part in works councils, executive committees and managers’ assemblies to co-construct the future of our customers’ buildings.


Our Smart Workplace offering benefits from the extensive cross-disciplinary expertise of both the Kardham Group and the Kardham Digital business lines:

  • Workplace Change: consulting, programming and support
  • Smart Building: BMS, BOS and Cyber Security
  • Application development: mobile applications and dedicated platforms
  • Audiovisual design: signage systems
  • Digital consulting: needs analysis and change management support
  • Managed services: operating solutions