KD SIGNAGE, digital signage solution

KD SIGNAGE is a digital signage management solution aimed at all professionals who need a high-performance tool for creating, managing and distributing multimedia content on screens, using various templates created and adapted in line with the brand’s visual identity.

Content distribution and management


Drawing on our expertise in software design and digital signage, we have developed KD SIGNAGE, a software package that supports the delivery of data streams to a screen via a player.

Our digital signage software makes it easy to configure and display all types of multimedia formats on a variety of installed digital media, such as screens and totems. From simple photo slideshows to videos and more animated content, KD SIGNAGE integrates all possible content and is regularly updated (improvements to existing modules, new features, etc.).

The KD SIGNAGE software is entirely installed in SAAS mode so as not to disrupt the IT installation and to allow control over the broadcasting of messages on the various screens, in particular the order and duration via integrated timelines. KD SIGNAGE provides remote control of the various communication media via a timer giving access to the times at which the devices are switched on and enabling them to be switched off at predefined times.

Customised templates


Our KD SIGNAGE digital signage solution includes a number of templates or content models that can be easily customised to match your message to your business. In the event of a lack of time or inspiration, our graphics teams can carry out the editorial content work.

Templates are jointly developed in line with the brand’s visual identity and business. Messages are illustrated by importing all kinds of files. These creations can be personalised according to the changes encountered in terms of traffic, adapting quickly to the target or even preferences.

The KD SIGNAGE software has been designed to be able to transmit an important message in a very short time, broadcast on all the screens making up the entire broadcast network, by creating a scrolling banner at the bottom of the screens.


  • Video editing

KD SIGNAGE allows you to manage the broadcasting of videos according to the viewing time allocated, by starting or ending the video at the defined point, and to personalise them using a graphic design.

  • Importing external data

KD SIGNAGE easily includes RSS data feeds to broadcast news from external sites such as webmagazines, blogs and social networks. At the same time, it is also possible to import Excel CSV files containing the various messages to be broadcast, which will be automatically integrated into the dedicated slots.


  • Compatibility with a wide range of formats

KD SIGNAGE integrates all codecs and formats (audio, video and photo), making all messages compatible, whatever their nature. What’s more, the many codecs and formats are regularly updated to ensure full compatibility with the software interface.

  • Campaign analysis

It is possible to analyse the figures corresponding to the messages disseminated on the various media, while cross-referencing them with various data such as sales figures or footfall in reception areas, in order to identify the best-performing campaigns and those that are less effective, so as to increase efficiency.


  • Support throughout the project

Our technical team installs and maintains the various KD SIGNAGE updates, as well as providing after-sales service for the installed equipment, and remains highly responsive in the event of a breakdown or fault. In addition, a digital project manager provides training to help you get to grips with the software.