Make commercial buildings greener and more efficient by installing, connecting and securing equipment, and making the most of the data collected

Technology should be seen as a means of increasing the added value of the building. This is why we speak of Smart Building as a way for companies to reduce operating costs and optimise energy resources, while offering their teams the best possible working conditions.



Smart Building


Smart Building technology makes everyday life easier for users and managers alike, offering a range of services from design to operation. Everything is designed to enhance the comfort and quality of buildings for the well-being of users, through turnkey, connected and controlled solutions.

The Smart Building can have multiple facets, by collecting a wide range of data, both internal and external :

  • The presence or absence of people in a given space
  • Temperature
  • Lighting
  • Transport timetables
  • The weather

Knowing all this data enables us to offer optimal working conditions. The building focuses on the user, reacts to their presence, adapts to their needs and provides all the information and services available to the company.

The Smart Building has three service-oriented objectives : improving energy efficiency, simplifying operation and ensuring occupant comfort.
These objectives can be achieved by integrating digital technologies within the commercial building :

  • Digital concierge services
  • Signage
  • Sensors and connected objects
  • Digital signage
  • Interactive kiosks
  • Tactile totems


Kardham Digital has designed and produced a digital solution completely adapted to Smart Buildings: KD UNIFY. The aim of this service-based solution is to provide greater clarity in workplaces whose uses are becoming increasingly complex. All the services are brought together on a single platform to facilitate the entire employee/visitor journey within a Smart Building.



Building Operating System (BOS)


The Bulding Operating System (BOS) is the ‘core’ software platform needed to industrialise the process of digitising the building. This platform provides the link between a site’s equipment and the applications that will be used by building managers and occupants. Spaces and equipment are geo-referenced using a unified location model. Operators can control the equipment, particularly with a view to improving the building’s energy efficiency.

The BOS facilitates, accelerates and organises the development, deployment and use of digital applications within the building. It transforms your building, or your asset, into a platform for digital services. The BOS centralises data from different sources: BMS, BMS, lighting, HVAC and sensors, unifying and enriching them in a single repository. Smart Building makes it possible to design, build and operate the digital twins of buildings.



Smart Data


Tertiary buildings are an unsuspected source of a wealth of data:

  • Access control
  • Wifi logs
  • Use of company restaurant
  • Car park usage
  • Presence/metering sensors
  • Air quality
  • Energy bills

To correlate this data, we can help you set up a data room to describe how the building actually works, and provide a valuable decision-making tool for work organisation, layout optimisation and energy efficiency. Building data, intentional data from employees and actual usage behaviour data can be cross-referenced to create meaning and a decision-making tool for the company. The data room is formed from all the site’s data to establish an initial analysis of the behaviour of the building and its users. Recommendations can be made to enhance this data or acquire new data. On-line reports and personalised presentations are produced by our consultants to help you better understand how your building or private space works.