KD SMARTDESK, shared office management solution

Kardham Digital has developed an application base called KD SMARTDESK that can be adapted to each customer through developments that are usually specific to the customer’s needs, particularly when it comes to interfacing systems and exposing data to the diversity of their users.

Teleworking combined with unallocated workstations may require solutions to anticipate building gauges and organise teams. KD SMARTDESK is Kardham Digital’s solution to provide an agile response to your needs.

Companies are actively experimenting with the implementation of hybrid working arrangements at the crossroads of health constraints, labour market pressures and management of the real estate footprint. Kardham Digital, and more generally the Kardham Group as a key player in business transformation, has witnessed and played a part in the profound changes that have been taking place over the last few years. We have seen how a specifically organisational issue inherited from the health crisis has become a managerial issue, enabling managers to lead their teams in a hybrid organisation.

In a second phase, the issue of “job reservation” has moved even further away from this simple formulation to become a project with a broader impact on the company, integrating data such as :

  • The HR information system
  • Managerial reference systems, as well as location reference systems
  • Interfacing with access control systems
  • Global mobility management, including car parking





  • To make it easier for employees to come to the site
  • Reassure employees about the flex-office system
  • To regulate and allocate staff arrivals
  • To enable managers to monitor the arrival of their teams
  • To enable assistants to manage the arrival of managers




  • Session and user authentication service
  • Human resources management information system (HRMIS): the KD SMARTDESK solution is interfaced with the user’s HRMIS so as to automatically display absences and leave previously entered.
  • Presence sensors: the user can consult the availability of spaces in real time from the KD SMARTDESK interface, information made available thanks to presence sensors installed within the premises.

From now on, this will continue with the link between on-site signage based on planned and actual occupancy, and statistical analysis of the data involved in booking/occupancy in order to simulate future space requirements.