About us

Kardham Digital was born out of the conviction that digital is a strategic issue for a group like Kardham, the leading independent French group integrating all the business skills in the professional property value chain: consultancy, architecture, space design, engineering and digital. Created in 2019 under the leadership of Pascal Zératès, Kardham Digital has been built up through acquisitions (HDR Communications in 2019, ViaDirect Building in 2020, Tévolys in 2022) and strong organic growth. Kardham Digital brings together a wide range of skills in a team of 100 people based in Paris, Obernai and Dijon. As a Digital Services Company for tertiary buildings, we are developing 4 main areas of expertise:

Across the board, we offer consulting and qualification services and managed services. The historic business lines of the entities acquired by Kardham Digital are continuing to develop so that we can continue to provide you with our expertise in Web and Broadcast solutions. Kardham Digital is also a publisher of turnkey or customised solutions, adaptable to each need, to meet the recurring requirements of our customers:

  • KD UNIFY, Smart Office solution
  • KD SMARTDESK, shared office management solution
  • KD SIGNAGE, digital signage solution
  • KD WORKPLACE, workspace management solution
  • KD CONVERGENCE, data management solution
  • KD COCKPIT, data processing solution


Partnerships & certifications


Kardham Digital has signed major partnerships, in particular with Schneider Electric and Planon in September 2022 and with LemanVisio in 2023.

Kardham Digital chairs the CyberSecurity and R2S 4 Spaces committee of the Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA).

Kardham Digital is a founding member of the  Data Governance Alliance for Smarter Citizens (DG4SC) and leads the Buildings and Spaces working group.
Kardham Digital’s teams also include SmartScore-certified experts.