KD COCKPIT, a complete Hypervision solution for Intelligent Building Management

Kardham Digital has developed a complete hypervision solution called KD COCKPIT to simplify the supervision and management of all the systems installed in a building, in a centralised and efficient way.

Whether you manage an office building or a portfolio of several buildings, KD COCKPIT is the key to optimising your operations, improving energy efficiency and guaranteeing the comfort of your occupants.



Key features


Intuitive interface

Our modern, user-friendly interface provides a real-time view of all building systems with self-explanatory indicators. You can monitor, control and interact with these systems with ease, whether from a computer, tablet or smartphone.


Complete, agnostic integration

KD Cockpit integrates seamlessly with a variety of systems, such as air conditioning, lighting, security, energy management, lifts, surveillance cameras and much more. You can centralise the management of all your OT (Operational Technology), IT (information Technology) and IOT (Internet of Things) systems within a single platform.

Intelligent automation

Our hypervision solution lets you set up intelligent automation, control and monitoring scenarios to optimise energy performance, security and occupant comfort. For example, you can automatically adjust the temperature of air handling units according to sunshine levels and space occupancy, or manage the reservation of parking spaces for visitors based on invitations to on-site meetings.

Data analysis

KD Cockpit collects and analyses data from all building systems in real time. This valuable information enables you to make informed decisions to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. The data is also organised and archived over time to feed AI (artificial intelligence) services and greatly improve operational excellence in terms of building management and predictive maintenance.

Key benefits

Energy savings

Reduce energy costs by optimising energy management.

Improved resilience

Monitor systems in real time and react quickly in the event of an incident.


Guaranteeing a high level of security and preventing intrusions.

Occupant comfort

Create a more comfortable work/life environment by controlling temperature, lighting and air quality.

Predictive maintenance

Identify potential problems before they become critical thanks to data analysis.

KD Cockpit is the ultimate Hypervision solution for intelligent building management. Transform your building into a more efficient, secure and enjoyable space with our cutting-edge technology.