KD UNIFY, Smart Office solution

Kardham Digital has designed and produced a digital solution that is completely tailored to Smart Buildings: KD UNIFY. The aim of this service-based solution is to provide greater clarity in workplaces whose uses are becoming increasingly complex. All the services are brought together on a single platform to facilitate the entire employee/visitor journey within a Smart Building.

KD UNIFY is dedicated to the intelligent use of workspaces, adapting to changes in working practices (teleworking, flex office, digital workplace) and workspaces (open, shared, flexible). Using KD UNIFY ensures both a short-term impact, by focusing services on user comfort, and a long-term impact, by meeting environmental regulations. KD UNIFY is a genuine tool that contributes to Quality of Life in the workplace:

  • Promoting professional fulfilment
  • Providing a working environment that encourages performance
  • Contributing to the attractiveness of the company


KD UNIFY is a management solution designed for all professionals who need a high-performance tool for managing and distributing intelligent building systems and functionalities. All the user services are value-added services, accessible in just a few clicks from any mobile or touchscreen terminal, in or out of the workplace, guaranteeing continuity of these services while on the move or teleworking. Services, with a capital S, enhance comfort and Quality of Life at work, which are vectors of commitment, productivity and satisfaction. These services focus on people and their journey through the building:

  • Parking : reservation of spaces, presence, counting, display of available spaces, spaces for people with disabilities, charging points for electric vehicles, secure spaces for bicycles and two-wheelers, hire.
  • Resources : workstations, lockers, open spaces, meeting rooms of all types, geo-guidance, material resources as required via a digital concierge service that is quick and easy to use. But also internal/external information, digital signage, people management, stock management, personal safety, fire safety, rescue procedures, etc.
  • Comfort : lighting, presence, blinds, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, air quality, temperature, etc.


The addition of external services to this same single platform adds simplicity and offers services to all persons according to their rights (employees or visitors, managers, administrators, etc.) and provides a plethora of significant additional services such as apps for :

  • Food, RIE menus, dietetics, healthy and local produce deliveries, restaurants.
  • Transport, road traffic, public transport, bike hire, car hire, car sharing.
  • Accommodation, hotels, exchanges, real estate, property searches.
  • Mobility, trains, planes, coaches, taxis, vtc.
  • Physical activities, sport, fitness, cardio, relaxation, group classes, challenges, walks, hikes.
  • Leisure activities, games, surveys, coaching, training, advice.
  • Personal and sustainable development, news, science, cultural activities, walks, suggestion boxes.