TK Elevator defines a new office design concept to welcome its customers and employees

The 2,500 m² headquarters of the Group and of TK Elevator‘s Ile-de-France regional division, a supplier of lifts and escalators, located in Rueil-Malmaison and Clichy, has been transformed by our teams so that the real estate resource, combined with new spaces and ways of working, becomes the hub of a service experience.

Audiovisual space planning


The implementation of technological solutions within the working environment aims to optimise the experience of the various players, whether employees, visitors or applicants. This approach offers distinctive advantages, improving user satisfaction in their interactions with the company.

Development of a service application



The provision of a service application enables TK Elevator employees to reserve available resources – parking spaces, workstations, meeting rooms – and to access company information such as the directory and news.

The addition of external services to this same single platform creates a range of services accessible to employees, visitors and managers: meal delivery, access to public transport and nearby sports halls.


The service application facilitates the entire journey through a Smart Building, offering a number of advantages :

  • Improved employee productivity thanks to intuitive resource reservation
  • Optimisation of internal processes for managing reservations
  • Optimal use of data on space occupancy to anticipate needs


The KD UNIFY service solution is aimed at all professionals looking for an effective tool for centrally managing the resources of an intelligent building.

  • Booking meeting rooms

All the services available to users are just a few clicks away on their smartphone, including meeting room reservations. When a search is made, the selection is refined according to the criteria specified by the user, such as the date booked, the number of participants, the start time and the total duration. The application then displays a list of available rooms and their respective capacities, enabling users to choose the room best suited to their needs.

  • Reserving parking spaces

Following the same principle as booking meeting rooms, the application offers a parking space reservation function, using an intuitive process. When users select the desired reservation date, they are automatically allocated a random space, except where specific criteria are met: a space equipped with an electric vehicle (EV) charging point or reserved for people with reduced mobility (PRM). In this case, an interactive map is provided, enabling users to select a specific space that meets their needs.



Kévin, Web & Mobile Developer

TK Elevator wanted to offer its employees an ergonomic and efficient service application, providing multi-site management for booking meeting rooms, offices and parking spaces. The project was broken down into four phases: formalising user requirements, devising an intuitive and functional design, developing the modules required for the various functionalities and carrying out beta testing with end users. The aim was to provide a scalable application, capable of adapting to the requirements and specificities of each campus, while leaving open the possibility of adding new sites. The feedback we received was very positive, particularly in terms of staff acceptance of the application.”

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Key Account Manager