Provide technical expertise in the design and creation of professional mobile applications



Kardham Digital has kept up with the times, developed and surrounded itself with people with varied technical skills in this field, following the latest trends in the field but anticipating them in order to offer you customised, high-performance solutions in line with your ambitions and your reference market.



Mobile application


  • Analysis of your needs

We work together to draw up the specifications for your mobile application, analysing the needs of your target audience as well as your own, in order to develop and create a mobile application that will add real value to your business.

When we create the specifications for your mobile application, we contribute our technical expertise in the design and creation of professional and non-professional mobile applications, whatever the operating system.


  • Application development

Our development team is able to build and create applications for smartphones on a range of operating systems. Once the mobile application has been developed, it is immediately functional with Android, IOS and Windows Phone operating systems. Compatibility with these systems means that applications can run on mobile phones such as Iphones using the IOS system, Samsungs with the Android system and Windows Phones.

All our applications are accessible to everyone, as they are available on mobile application hosting platforms such as the Appstore, Google Play and Windows Phone Store.




Enhanced functionality and user experience


Mobile applications stand out from websites because of their enhanced user experience, offering greater comfort when browsing on a smartphone and focusing on the services and features offered by a company.

Applications for tablets and smartphones encourage interaction with the devices on which they are installed, enabling the use of functions such as the phone’s camera, GPS chip or accelerometer.
Finally, mobile applications provide access to content already present in the application, making it independent of external data sources.