Gathering, analysing and providing support are the daily tasks of our Consulting teams in a complex, global world where digital technology cuts across all activities.

The development of Kardham Digital is based on the findings of the Kardham Group’s Real Estate professionals and experienced digital experts that commercial buildings have entered the digital revolution that so many other sectors have already experienced.

Kardham Digital is the Kardham Group’s dedicated structure for supporting real estate professionals in implementing their global digital strategy for the commercial sector. To achieve this, we have brought together a wide range of expertise, whether through the acquisition of a company or by recruiting talent with a hunger for this innovative potential, in order to address the highly complex issues facing the various players involved:

  • Property managers
  • Human resources departments
  • Information systems departments
  • Work environment departments


As an active member of the Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA), including chairing two committees (cyber security and R2S 4 Spaces), Kardham Digital is a key player in observing the ongoing digital revolution and defining the framework within which businesses should operate.

Our assignments can be global or specific, and are most often followed, at our clients’ request, by an ability to produce and exploit the recommendations mentioned, within the logic of a general digital contract, as is increasingly being implemented in the real estate sector.

The range of our services includes :

  • Analysis of existing hardware, software and data
  • Building cyber security
  • Gathering requirements from Comex, operators, managers and employees
  • BOS and GTB strategy
  • Site occupancy strategy