Refurbishment of Tarkett's offices to create a showcase for the company

Our teams worked with Tarkett, a manufacturer of floor coverings for professionals and private individuals, on the redevelopment of its offices at La Défense.

At a time when most companies are opting for desk sharing, i.e. offering employees shared offices rather than dedicated ones, Tarkett decided to keep one office per person, in line with the principle of fixed desks.

Whether we choose to adopt the flex-office concept or reaffirm the principle of fixed offices, one thing is certain: the time has come to consider the attractiveness of premises.



Since the redevelopment of the head office in 2021, employees have been able to get together in meeting places that meet their logistical needs:

  • Bubbles for occasional work sessions in small groups
  • Project rooms for teams of 8 or 10 people
  • Modular rooms that can be adapted to suit your needs
  • Meeting rooms for 6 to 20 people
  • A showroom area in the offices


The final touch : a recycled floor by Tarkett covers these spaces dedicated to creativity and design.

The implementation of our KD SIGNAGE digital signage solution, the main objective of which is to support Tarkett in the deployment of internal communication, makes the walls of common areas more dynamic:

  • Sharing information, activities and internal events
  • Relaying content published on the Facebook & Instagram social networks
  • Highlighting different collections, new products and current trends
  • Dissemination of company projects and industry news

Julien, Digital Project Manager.

“As part of the redevelopment of its offices at La Défense, Tarkett wanted to immerse employees and visitors in its brand world. Alongside the space layout, we were challenged to find a means of communication that would blend in with the decor. Our KD SIGNAGE digital signage solution met their needs: internal information for employees, but also corporate content for visitors to see, all faithfully respecting their visual identity. In this type of project, the challenge is to offer editable templates that are sufficiently comprehensive and intuitive for the customer to be able to develop their communication completely independently.”

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