Co-designing mobile applications and web platforms for operators and users of commercial buildings

The agnostic approach we claim for our customers translates into freedom of choice: turnkey solutions that can be edited or customised thanks to tailor-made developments.

  • KD UNIFY, Smart Office solution
  • KD SMARTDESK, shared office management solution
  • KD SIGNAGE, digital signage solution
  • KD CONVERGENCE, data management solution

The market is increasingly calling for qualification assignments – often in association with the Kardham Group’s other real estate expertise – which regularly reveal that usage and strategic objectives require bespoke developments rather than being subject to a publisher’s list of functionalities and roadmap.

As a Digital Services Company, we offer our customers the expertise of our engineers, who specialise in the needs of intelligent buildings and hybrid working.

Our services include :

  • The development of service-oriented mobile applications to improve employee experience
  • Development of customised statistical calculations and visualisations
  • Implementing connectors to retrieve data from devices that are not very well connected, in order to exploit the content by cross-referencing it with other data
  • The design and implementation of dedicated graphic interfaces for signage or decision support purposes
  • The creation of specialised modules to complement existing platforms, to meet specific needs such as car park management, vehicle recharging, access control connected to reservations, etc.


Service Application


The aim of the service application is to make it easier for employees to organise their day: to know where to sit, with whom, for what activities and under what conditions.
This solution is dedicated to the intelligent use of workspaces by adapting to changes in working styles (mobile) and workspaces (open, shared, flexible).

Kardham Digital has designed and published a digital solution that is completely adapted to Smart Building: KD UNIFY. The aim of this service-based solution is to provide greater clarity in workplaces whose uses are becoming increasingly complex. All the services are brought together on a single platform to facilitate the entire employee/visitor journey within a Smart Building.