Fnac Darty, a site designed to support new ways of working

Our digital team worked with Fnac Darty on a smart building & smart office project to combine distance and face-to-face learning and transform offices into shared spaces.

Intelligent space management


Meeting rooms at the Fnac Darty site can be optimised for occupancy thanks to connected lighting based on presence sensors, indicating the occupancy status of the space in real time.

These illuminated displays, installed in front of the bubbles and visible from a distance, provide essential information: is the space occupied or available? This information is easy to understand thanks to a specific colour code: green for immediate availability, orange for occupancy in the next few minutes, red for unavailability in real time.

This responds to a problem: meeting rooms that are permanently booked but sometimes remain unoccupied. This connected solution has been designed to :

  • View occupancy status in real time
  • Keeping employees reliably informed
  • Anticipating office attendance

Simple flex-office organisation


Kardham Digital has developed KD SMARTDESK a tool for declaring people’s intentions to come to the site, with the aim of regulating employee arrivals in advance to avoid the site becoming saturated and to ensure that everyone can find both a workstation and a parking space.
Once logged in, the employee can view the calendar, the real-time occupancy status of the building, the expected occupancy based on the declarations and which employees will be on site that day and in which zone.

In 4 steps:

  1. Welkome interfaces with your HRIS, your data is automatically synchronised
  2. Check the occupancy rate for the zone of your choice in real time
  3. Define your intentions and Welkome will automatically assign a suitable workspace.
  4. Book instantly from your mobile

Benefits :

  • Optimising your workspace
  • Knowledge of your occupancy rates
  • Managing the presence of your teams
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