Well 22, the first Smart building to be deployed in Luxembourg

Well 22 is the first IKO Real Estate building to be certified under the WELL Building Standard ® in Luxembourg.
Well 22 certification introduces new standards for employee health and well-being, focusing on seven main factors: air, water, light, physical activity, comfort, nutrition and psychological well-being.
The following dimensions are taken into account: choice of building materials, quality of use and architectural design.

4,693 m² equipped with turnkey solutions, connected and controlled to increase the comfort and quality of the building for the well-being of users :

  • KD UNIFY, mobile application published by Kardham Digital
  • Building Operating System (BOS), the IT system that manages all the elements connected to the building
  • Centralised Technical Management (CTM), computer and home automation system that controls technical installations
  • Video surveillance and cyber security
  • Digital concierge service
  • Home automation, car park and workspace management

Making the user experience immersive


  • Offering an intuitive employee path
  • Contributing effectively to a better balance between work and leisure time
  • Creating a lasting and evolving employee experience

Technology at the service of the building and its occupants


The service application facilitates the entire employee/visitor journey within a Smart Building :

  • Real-time traffic information
  • Reserve a parking space and/or charging point
  • Check availability of meeting rooms
  • Adjusting your office comfort settings
  • View information on public transport

Space management


The occupancy of meeting rooms and workstations is determined using wireless sensors, and the data collected enables building managers to improve their energy consumption: occupancy and saturation rates, time slots for use, number of occupants, temperature settings, etc.
Users have a real-time overview of workspace availability and capacity, while benefiting from an intuitive booking process via KD UNIFY, Smart Building Solution.

Home automation management


Before starting a meeting, the KD UNIFY mobile application can also be used to ensure that the working environment is ideal, in particular by adjusting various comfort parameters: temperature, lighting, ventilation, blinds and shutters.

Car park management


The KD UNIFY service solution enables people to plan their daily home/work journeys with real-time information on road traffic, while at the same time being able to book a parking space at their place of work at the time they want, thanks to a global view of available spaces.
When an employee reserves a parking space, he or she is allocated a space number and the colour of the occupancy sensor changes: green for immediate availability, orange for occupancy in the next few minutes, red for unavailability in real time.

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