Kardham Digital restructures its smart offer to facilitate the digitalisation of commercial property

Paris, 27 February 2024 – Kardham Digital, the first Digital Services Company (DSC) dedicated to the property industry and a subsidiary of the Kardham professional property group, is restructuring its range of smart building and smart workplace services. The company is now offering a suite of open solutions based on a number of building blocks that can be combined to meet all needs, from building management to occupant management within the building. Against a backdrop of multiple expectations – economic and environmental performance, easier hybrid working, enhanced quality of life in the workplace – these solutions enable operators to accelerate the smartisation of their property assets through a simplified, holistic, customised and scalable approach.


Accelerating the smartisation of commercial property


Kardham Digital’s smart building and smart workplace offer consists of a suite of open solutions supplied on a turnkey basis that can be edited or customised according to the activity of the client companies, their objectives, the evolution of their real estate assets or the needs of the various building occupants. They are built around a central building block, KD CONVERGENCE, which is the key component of the digital architecture of buildings. As part of a virtuous circle, these solutions can also interface with companies’ existing infrastructures.


KD CONVERGENCE, the nervous system for intelligent buildings


This central platform is responsible for converging, processing and redistributing all the data used both to optimise the operation of the building and to ensure that the services provided to occupants function properly, so that they interact in real time as a coherent whole. This data includes both building data (comfort, energy, intercom systems, video surveillance, lifts, fire detection, etc.) and so-called “usage” data (weather forecasts, space and car park reservations, etc.) from applications outside the building and independent of each other. In addition to facilitating the management of building operations and the services provided to users across an entire property portfolio, this single, centralised database also contributes to the greater predictability and autonomy of buildings, made possible by the modelling of their operation and flows.


KD CONVERGENCE: customisable smart workplace solutions


Around this platform, Kardham Digital offers to deploy additional solutions that also operate in real time, for comfort, space reservation, information, incident monitoring, etc. These solutions include :


KD WORKPLACE, which optimises the use of workspaces, meeting rooms and workstations, while improving employees’ experience of their working environment and the accuracy of booking and occupancy information. The solution also provides user-friendly display tools and informative dashboards. The solution consists of four key elements presence detection and counting sensors selected by IoT R&D teams to generate real-time actions, such as changing lighting according to meeting room availability; a scenario engine connected to booking diaries and sensors to improve the reliability of information on the availability of meeting spaces and workstations, automatically adapting bookings according to reality ; an occupancy dashboard that consolidates building and usage data, providing useful information for decision-makers to make informed decisions.


KD UNIFY, the digital concierge application, aims to provide greater clarity in workplaces that are becoming increasingly complex in their use. All the services are brought together on a single platform to facilitate the entire employee/visitor journey within an intelligent building. These services include the resources available to users (workstations, lockers, open spaces, meeting rooms of all types, geo-guidance, digital signage, people management, stock management, employee safety, fire safety, rescue operations, etc.), user comfort (lighting, presence, blinds, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, air quality, temperature, etc.) or vehicle parking (reservation of spaces, presence, counting, display of available spaces, spaces for people with disabilities, electric vehicle recharging stations, etc.),


The KD LIVE STACK solution is designed to help real estate and work environment managers to better reorganise their workspaces in line with the actual occupancy of their buildings and changes in teleworking policy, by cross-referencing allocation, use and occupancy data. KD LIVE STACK displays occupancy data by space and by team, providing a statistical view for informed decision-making. The solution can be used to detect under-used spaces and tight spots. The platform connects to various data sources, including stacking, access control, sensor and booking data, to provide a global view of space occupancy. It also offers a reorganisation simulation interface and, when combined with KD FORECAST, the ability to anticipate workspace occupancy using algorithms based on artificial intelligence.


“The assignments we’ve been carrying out on behalf of our customers for over 4 years now regularly reveal that their usage and strategic objectives call for bespoke developments, rather than being subject to the software publishers’ list of functionalities and roadmap. As an ESN, we make available to our customers the know-how of our 80 engineers specialised in the problems of intelligent buildings and hybrid working. Our experts also work in close association with the Kardham Group’s Workplace teams to provide turnkey, tailor-made digital solutions, the relevance, operationality and security of which we guarantee in the complexity of real-estate projects”, Pascal Zératès, Managing Director of Kardham Digital.