Investing in digital solutions is a crucial phase in the development and life of your business. There are many reasons to invest: to conquer new markets, to remain innovative or to save money.

The strategic question then arises: how to finance these investments while adapting to your constraints and, of course, to the specific features of the equipment.


The lease finance offered by Kardham can meet your needs:

  • Choice of payment terms

The financing of your equipment is 100% guaranteed and you pay affordable monthly instalments and spread the cost of the equipment over its lifetime.

  • Prevent equipment obsolescence

Equipment is constantly evolving and these changes, which are sometimes difficult to predict, have a major impact on a company’s productivity and profitability.

  • Flexibility during the contract

Thanks to financial leasing and the modularity of our contracts, you benefit from flexibility in the management of your equipment.

By giving you easier access to technological innovations through equipment replacements and upgrades, you limit breakdowns and guarantee your users that your equipment is perfectly suited to their needs and optimised.