Digital strategy

Thanks to the audit carried out beforehand, we can validate the requirements and then list the interactions between all the existing tools. We will then be able to draw up a deployment plan, while complying with security standards and your company’s values.

Digitalising the customer experience and omnichannel are essential assets for differentiation and increasing business potential.

Digital strategy should therefore be seen as a broad vision, linked to measurable objectives and KPIs. It forms part of the company’s overall digital strategy. Today, digital is a high-stakes area, and consequently represents a major investment. In this context, the value and choice of an intelligent digital strategy are crucial.


  • Analysis of context, competition, market and needs

Knowing the current state of the market enables you to understand your target market and its expectations, while assessing the competition.

  • User experience (UX)

The user experience is an important, if not essential, component of the customer experience. The notion of user experience is also used for other types of ‘man-machine’ interfaces and plays a key role in the development of software products.

  • Creating a digital ecosystem

To accelerate the digital transformation of our customers, Kardham Digital surrounds itself with an open and innovative digital ecosystem.

  • KPI tracking support

Each piece of content serves a different purpose. It would therefore be incomprehensible to analyse them using the same indicators. Depending on the objectives, the KPIs change, hence the importance of supporting our customers in setting up, analysing and monitoring KPIs.