Usage training

The support offered by Kardham Digital puts the key players in the project at the centre and gives them the tools they need to achieve their objectives. We are convinced that a digital transformation project can only succeed if the men and women in the company are the key players.


  • Supporting change

All changes give rise to reluctance or fear. It is essential to support our customers in the transformation of their business and their tools by communicating, training and raising awareness.

  • Drawing up an internal communication plan

Drawing up an internal communication plan enables you to choose the best strategies and tactics for reaching key players.

  • Training in new tools

Once the tools and equipment have been installed and the databases deployed, Kardham Digital sets up acculturation and training workshops, as well as meetings to monitor and adjust procedures.

  • Testing workshops

Organising workshops is an essential step in change management. The workshop is a collaborative moment where user needs are at the heart of the debate.

  • Video tutorials

Video is becoming essential for training and supporting employees in new digital projects. Kardham Digital is developing video as a training medium with a dual role: educational and evangelistic.