Audit and consultancy

It’s a comprehensive review followed by a customised report designed to help your business leverage digital to achieve its strategic objectives. The digital audit proposed by Kardham Digital analyses the performance of the various elements of your hardware, your strategic choices in terms of digital tools, the quality and performance of the actions implemented and the skills and resources invested. So it’s not just a question of assessing your company’s digital maturity, but also of proposing innovative solutions.


  • Analysis of the existing situation

A complete inventory and in-depth analysis of the existing situation, enabling you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and better align your strategy with your customers’ expectations.

  • Performance analysis of digital actions

This is how you’ll be able to identify which strategies are working and which are failing, so that you can take the appropriate measures to adjust and improve your processes.

  • Defining a prioritised action plan

This approach enables you to plan all the actions to be taken in order to achieve the objective(s) defined during the Audit.

  • Help in choosing tools

Choice of tools and implementation of a monitoring solution tailored to your organisation.