Smart Buildings Alliance

Kardham Digital is an honorary member of the Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA) and is particularly active in the R2S Connect, Cyber-security and RS2 4 Spaces committees.

The SBA is an association of 500 companies whose mission is to be the benchmark organisation for smart buildings serving local authorities, businesses and occupants. More specifically, the SBA is behind the R2S (Ready2Services) reference framework for connected and communicating buildings. Kardham Digital is proud to participate in the discussions and standards promoted by the Smart Building Alliance.

Kardham Cyber Building


For all types of building, we install the Buiding Operating System, the core management and supervision system that processes a large number of measurements in real time and controls the installations remotely. The BOS facilitates, accelerates and organises the development, deployment and use of digital applications in buildings. BOS transforms the building into a platform for digital services: without BOS, there is no Smart Building.

The provision of service applications linked to comfort, reservations and the use of spaces and their digital equipment and various services to the user make the building “Ready 2 Services”.

Building Energy Management


As a player committed to the energy and ecological transition, we support our customers in reducing the environmental footprint of their projects, but we also take care to adopt a responsible approach to our own activities.

We see the building as a service for future users, and focus on reducing the environmental footprint and ensuring comfort of use, with an eye to overall costs and the long-term future of the asset. The operator and the user are the key players in the energy efficiency of the building, from personal behaviour via the comfort interface such as detection and automation.

Spaces are not heated if there is no detection of presence or movement, nor if there is a lot of sun on the glazed surfaces. On the other hand, an automatic scenario can be set up if presence is detected, just as the user can take control of lighting and temperature as they wish. Scenarios can evolve according to the time of year, as in the case of blind management for example, with sun tracking in summer to guarantee comfort and visibility in the room. Sun tracking may not be activated in winter, when there is less light, allowing certain areas to be warmed by a greenhouse effect.

The BOS makes it possible to contextualise all the building’s energy data from field equipment (sensors, meters, etc.).