Hosting and domain name

We are at your side in all situations and in all digital environments (information systems, networks, operating platforms, servers, etc.). We support you throughout the deployment, installation, post-production and evolution phases of your digital project.


  • Website hosting

Our areas of expertise allow us to be involved both upstream in creating websites and downstream in hosting websites. We offer a secure solution for website hosting to ensure total security for browsing and data protection.

Our different servers are installed in France, spread over three sites, incorporating all the latest security protocols.

  • Ensuring the security of your website

Our technical team provides you with the best network infrastructure, ensuring both the security of your website and the distribution of the various content you use, from simple text to video files.

  • Domain name management

Our team brings you its expertise in a number of areas:

  1. Advice on choosing a domain name for your website.
  2. Checking the availability of the domain name(s) you want and making sure they are free.
  3. Purchase of the domain name. The purchase can be made by us or we can guide you through the various procedures involved.
  4. Managing domain names that belong to you. We warn you that your domain name is about to expire.
  5. Migration and transfer of your domain name.
  6. Changing your domain name.
  7. Securing your site by switching to HTTPS.
  • Tailor-made network architecture

Our experts in IT systems and network infrastructure define the technical architecture best suited to your website, taking into account the constraints of the project and the existing information systems with which the site must interface and be fully compatible.

  • Our areas of expertise
  1. Network administration
  2. Server configuration
  3. Modification of configuration files
  4. Hacking/ Protection & Security
  5. SSH/ FTP/ Webmail
  6. Linux/ Windows/ Mac OS
  7. Apache MySQL Oracle PgSQL
  8. IISS
  9. Load Balancing
  10. Website hosting
  11. Domain name management