Defining, installing and operating audiovisual solutions for hybrid office spaces

We support and carry out the digital transformation of spaces in terms of creation, improvement or renewal, focusing on the expectations, needs and new ways of working of the present or the near future. To achieve this, several phases of support are covered by consulting and workshops involving the business lines, with the aim of bringing together all the users involved in the change process. We carry out audits of the existing system so that we can only propose adding what makes sense, what is necessary and what will bring added value.

There are many areas affected by digitisation :

  • Communal areas : reception hall, indoor/outdoor car park, etc.
  • Meeting spaces : meeting and training rooms, bubbles, boardrooms, auditoriums, amphitheatres, multi-purpose and modular rooms, open spaces, etc.
  • Spaces to create : creativity room, project and brainstorming space
  • Spaces for seclusion : personal space, library, rest area, informal space
  • Spaces to disconnect : sports room, cinema and games room, relaxation area, cafeteria, company restaurant, terrace
  • Spaces for organising : TV studio and set, technical control room

We recommend, install and configure all the equipment and solutions according to AV/IT usage, covering the entire building production chain (IT, lighting, audio and video): recording and broadcasting, videoconferencing, collaborative tools, tactile solutions, virtual/augmented reality, scenic/design lighting, presence/counting sensors.


Fitting out videoconferencing rooms


There are different types of room: bubble, meeting room < 10 people, meeting room > 10 people, creativity room, training room, etc. These rooms have specific configurations: sound, recording and video broadcasting. To ensure optimum ease of use and comfort, our technical teams provide support in selecting the most appropriate solutions for each space.

Videoconferencing is a system for organising work meetings, conferences and hybrid training courses, reducing the constraints and costs associated with distance. The various video streams transmitted during use are in HD quality and encrypted to prevent any misappropriation of the various streams and guarantee the protection of the data transmitted.

Sensors and connected objects


In the case of bookable and non-reservable spaces, this connected solution has been designed to :

  • View occupancy statistics in real time
  • Keep employees reliably informed
  • Anticipate office occupancy

As far as bookable spaces are concerned, this responds to a problem: meeting rooms that are permanently booked but sometimes remain empty. Based on the detections sent by the sensors, the room calendar is automatically updated on employees’ screens, indicating the occupancy rate for each space. At the same time, availability and reservations are displayed on the screens in front of each room. In this way, the occupancy rate of meeting rooms, flex offices, phoneboxes, bubbles and many others can be measured in real time.

For non-reservable areas such as bubbles, connected lights based on presence sensors indicate the occupancy status of the space in real time. These luminous displays, installed in front of the bubbles and visible from a distance, communicate essential information: is the space occupied or available? This information is easy to understand thanks to a specific colour code: green for immediate availability, orange for occupancy in the next few minutes, red for unavailability in real time.

Tactile totems


The tactile totem is a signage system that can be integrated into any type of environment, indoors or outdoors, in a variety of sectors: catering, tourism, administration, culture, leisure, industry, retail, health and transport.

In the tourism sector, this self-service tool makes it easier to do business in the city at any time of day. At the point of sale, this digital solution provides two-click access to the entire product catalogue via the e-commerce site.

The tactile totem is a response to dematerialisation and digitalisation, aimed at adopting a more ecological, economical and modern approach.

Interactive terminals


The interactive kiosk has become a veritable symbol and tool in the digitisation of various reception areas, helping to satisfy a public that is constantly on the lookout for information and new approaches. Interactive terminals are simple, effective and intuitive to use, made possible by the democratisation of smartphones.

Touch-screen kiosks and digital signage screens help to immerse the public in the world of the brand and offer them a unique experience, easily integrated into any professional environment:

  • Facilitating town hall procedures
  • Guiding and informing visitors to a museum
  • Discovering promotional offers at the point of sale
  • Promoting trade shows and other events

Classroom equipment


In addition to the tertiary and institutional sectors, Kardham Digital is also involved in the education sector, installing video projectors, microphones and any other equipment that can improve learning conditions for pupils and facilitate the work of teachers.

TV studio editing


The HD/4K TV studio is a digital alternative for broadcasting live or recorded corporate events. The equipment we use offers the optimum rendering required to produce webinars, seminars and conferences in the hybrid format that is becoming increasingly common to overcome geographical distance. Tailor-made furniture, LED panel lighting, remote-controlled turret cameras and built-in gooseneck microphones all contribute to the professional look you expect.

Our solutions and systems are hosted in France and can be used for a wide range of purposes:

  • Digital signage with a simple, effective and intuitive graphical interface
  • Reserving rooms and equipment by interfacing with the email client: touch panels in front of the rooms and applications on smartphones.
  • Book shared areas for events: catering, shows and after-works
  • Geo-guidance of people in all areas
  • Webinars, Web TV, streaming, catch-up, VOD, remote production, multi-platform service applications, solutions for education, media management and secure web player