Kardham Digital and Lemanvisio join to develop Smart Office and Smart Building markets in Switzerland and Central Europe

Paris, 25 May 2023 – Kardham Digital, the first Digital Services Company dedicated to the real estate industry and a subsidiary of the Kardham professional real estate group, and Lemanvisio, the Swiss leader in audiovisual integration, have joined forces to offer a unique smart office and smart building solution to provide a rapid response to the strategic and operational challenges faced by office property owners and users in Switzerland and Central Europe.


A promising but fragmented market


The urgent need for energy and environmental solutions, the comfort of occupants and the need to optimise the economic performance of tertiary buildings in an inflationary context have led Swiss companies, like their French counterparts, to accelerate on the road to smart offices and smart buildings. The Swiss market is all the more dynamic because, in addition to the new economic, environmental and QWL requirements that have become unavoidable, there is a promising potential for development, as the country is home to many head offices of major companies in all sectors. However, professionals still need to be able to address this issue in an integrated and comprehensive way. While demand is strong on the corporate side, the Swiss market remains highly complex and fragmented on the supply side. According to a study by Wavestone*, it lacks a common frame of reference, with a myriad of players and disparate platforms, little centralised information and virtually non-existent communication between solutions.


A holistic, local offering to address all smart office and smart building issues


This is what led Kardham Digital to team up with Lemanvisio, the Swiss leader in audiovisual integration. Founded in 2001, Lemanvisio has installed some 2,000 systems for more than 950 customers in a wide range of sectors, including bancassurance, public and private transport, luxury goods, education, foundations and non-profit organisations, public administrations, local authorities, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and sports facilities. The company, which has annual sales of 15 million euros, is also a member of the Professional Systems Network International (PSNI) Global Alliance, a network of the world’s leading audiovisual integrators.


Kardham Digital brings its customised, real-time development capabilities to bear on solutions for user services and active building equipment:

– smart office technologies: audio-visual space planning/digital signage and digital concierge software solutions,

– digital workplace technologies: development of software and production of IT/IoT platforms for reserving spaces, workstations and car parks, with analysis of sensor data

– smart building technologies: development of software platforms to control the building’s active equipment (access, ventilation, lighting, water supply, air quality) in line with data from digital applications provided to occupants (room and car park reservations, occupant services), thus ensuring complete governance of building data according to use.


For its part, Lemanvisio brings its in-depth knowledge of the Swiss market and its ability to integrate and deploy Kardham Digital’s software assets to a constantly expanding catalogue of customers. In addition to Lemanvisio’s expertise as an integrator, this joint development solution also draws on Lemanvisio’s experienced teams, which include a design office, engineers, a sales team and a customer service department capable of handling any type of project. This comprehensive, global and unified skills centre created by the two partners also has the advantage of offering end customers a single point of contact. A major advantage for breaking into a complex and fragmented market.


“The aim of our partnership is to pool the skills of two leading organisations to design a high-quality integrated solution that will enable us to move forward together on the smart office and smart building issues facing office property users and operators. The ultimate aim is to develop a European leader not just in Switzerland, but also in the surrounding area,” comments Johann Ody, CEO and founder of Lemanvisio.


“This alliance is truly complementary, thanks to Lemanvisio’s integration and deployment capabilities and Kardham Digital’s ability to design smart office, smart building and digital signage software platforms. It will enable us to offer users and operators the possibility of building and running innovative solutions through a single point of contact, a considerable advantage when energy and economic emergencies, or the accelerating changes in working methods, call for integrated, efficient and rapid design and deployment”, concludes Pascal Zératès, Managing Director of Kardham Digital.


* https://www.wavestone.com/fr/insight/radar-startups-smart-building-suisse/